Letter from the founder

If you wanted to help a loved one achieve a big goal, where would direct them? You might buy them a book, or send them a YouTube video; but what if you wanted to guarantee results and change their life forever?

I've asked myself that very question, and unfortunately there is no good answer.

The problem is not a lack of good ideas. There are tons of those! The hard part is putting that knowledge into practice consistently.

And that's why I build Disciplined. Disciplined systematizes those good ideas, makes them easy to use, and puts them in your face every day.

Disciplined is not for everybody. Its restrictions (1 year, 1 goal) will scare away many people who can't pick one goal or who can't commit to giving it their all. Disciplined is for the minority who recognize the value of choosing one thing and who are willing to step up and give it their best.

Disclaimer: not every goal can be reached in one year. We can't get to Carnegie Hall overnight. But let's face it: there's no reason why many of our "some day" goals (ie. double our income, get ripped, have the adventure of a lifetime) can't be achieved in one year if we focus on that goal every single day:

-If we brainstorm solutions to obstacles.

-If we do deep, uninterrupted work sessions towards our goal.

-If we journal our progress and continually look for ways to improve.

-If we start new habits that'll help us achieve our goal.

With sustained and consistent focus, you can do great things in a year.

And that brings me to my last point. It's hard to be consistent with any new system or routine. And that's why I built Disciplined to do the remembering for you. The browser extension (optional but highly recommended) opens Disciplined automatically every time you open a new browser tab, so you'll never go long without checking in to your Disciplined dashboard. Just answer the questions daily and use the tools, and Disciplined will rewire your brain to continually look for ways to get you there better and faster.

If you want to achieve big things faster, Disciplined will help you. Disciplined won't do the work for you; but it's the next best thing.

The only question is, what do you most want to achieve this year?

-Bevan Barton (founder)

Bevan capetown bike Accomplishing my "someday" dream of motorcycling from Europe to South Africa.

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